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Stop wasting your time 
 on things a computer can do.

We'll teach you to automate the financial side of your freelance business so you can spend more time on what you love and save money while doing it.

Yes, please! I want the course.

Stop wasting your time 
on things a computer can do.

We'll teach you to automate the financial side of your freelance business so you can spend more time on what you love and save money while doing it.

Yes, please! I want the course.


What's your time worth?

As a solopreneur, your time is limited. You can't afford to waste it on tasks a computer can do for you- or worse pay someone to do it for you over & over again.


It's possible to

Take your time back.


I'll teach you how to:

Automate All Your Accounting

Know where you're at financially

Save Thousands of Dollars a Year


So you can...

spend your time and money on the things that matter most 

I'll let you in on a secret...

It all starts with trauma-free tech

(that you don't need to be an accountant, financial expert, or computer scientist to understand.)

In fact, it's designed for soloprenuers like you!
 Let me explain...

Most of us make the same crucial mistake.


If you're like most freelancers, you were eager to start your new business. So you went down the street to open your new business bank account.


You chose a bank you knew- somewhere with a good reputation located close to your home. You thought that's all you needed!


Mistake. Number. One.

The sad truth is...

Most banks are old school (like 230+ years old.) And their business accounts? (Sigh...) They were really built to serve "older" business models- like brick and mortar locations.


They are just now catching up to this thing called "the internet," which is terrifying because it means...


You're running your online business through a bank that wasn't designed to help you.  


(Ough. It hurts! We know.)


Easily run profit and loss,
expense reports & more?

(Straight from your account without buying extra software.)

Stop waiting until the end of the month to see how you're "really doing" and start making better decisions using effortless real-time reports.

Found Bank
Found Bank

Automatically categorize expenses?

(So you can stop using spreadsheets or overpaying for QuickBooks!)

Rest easy knowing everything is documented and ready for tax time! In addition to ditching all the manual entry, this will save you hundreds of dollars on QuickBooks and thousands on a bookkeeper.

Keep digital copies of all your receipts

(So you can snap a pic and throw them away.)

And access them whenever you need to.

Found Bank
Found Bank

Set aside money to pay taxes

(Automatically. From every sale.)

Make tax time less taxing!  Save money for taxes without lifting a finger.

Actually Pay Your Quarterly Taxes

(So you can be done with it.)

And avoid a surprise tax bill at the end of the year!

Found Bank
Found Bank

Set budgets & pay yourself

(based on your actual income)

In addition to saving you gobs of time, this will also save you hundreds of dollars on Quickbooks or similar software.

Invoice Clients Directly

(So you can avoid card processing fees)

And instantly know who has and hasn't paid without having to reconcile your accounts.

Found Bank

If they can't...

They're really behind.

(It's costing you time and money!)


Does change sound scary?

Sure, but what's scarier...

Stop settling for standard.

I've spent years crafting the perfect system
so you don't have to.


Show me the easy way!

I've outlined it all in our online course:


(Designed specifically for freelancers and soloprenuers.)
5 Easy Lessons to get you results fast.

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What's in the course...

Defining Your
 Financial Success

and what it looks like for your online business so that you can win on your own terms (which will and absolutely should be different than everyone else.)

At a Glance
 Goal Posts

You've got goals. It's time to tell your money where you want it to go so that you never have to wonder where it went.

The One "Tech" Thing 
You Don't Know

Technological ignorance is bliss- except when it costs you money.

Letting Technology
 do the Heavy Lifting

Because how you sell
affects your profit (and time off.)

The No Brainer Secret
to Building a Better Future

That will leave you thanking yourself-
 again and again.

& FREE Access to:

The Efficiency Think Tank

Our exclusive online community of solopreneurs like you swapping their best tricks &  efficiency hacks.


This is perfect for you if...


✓  You're tired of seeing outdated reports.

✓  You're overpaying a bookkeeper to do work a computer could do.

✓  You're wasting time trying to do everything yourself.


This is not for you if...

✗ You're not a freelancer or solopreneur.

✗ You sell physical products or need to keep track of inventory.

✗  You're located outside of the U.S.


I'm ready.

Math sucks. Making money doesn't.

(We'll make it fun! Promise.)

Hi, I'm Lydia.

Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing Nerd, Online Educator, Efficiency Expert and Mother.

At the age of 23, I had this wild idea to open a bar. That was fun and I learned a lot- mostly about accounting. (Surprise!) You see there's a reason 90% restaurants fail. They bleed money in ways you wouldn't expect! You have to get efficient fast and know where every single penny is.

Now I teach freelancers how to manage their money on autopilot. So they can save tons of time (seriously), stop overspending, and skip the messy bit that took me over 8 years to learn the hard way.

Teach Me Everything!
Lydia Melton

We want your decision to be a no brainer. So we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Try the course for 14 days. If you do the work and you haven't found a way for this class to pay for itself, we will refund your money 100%. It's that easy! Click here for full details.


I'm ready to make more money!

Frequently Asked Questions...


Your time is precious
and nonrefundable.

Spend it on the things you love.

Let's do this.